Frequently Asked Questions: Companies

Q: What is Mododuo?

A: First and most importantly we are not an agency, we are an independent platform that connects companies to individuals in an open and fair way. We manage company teams across multiple skills and geographies to help internal sourcing. Individuals can work on their own or be part of a company team and employers are companies with projects.

Q: How does Mododuo work?

A: Check out our “videos” on the website

Q: So, is Mododuo like a job board, where I post a role and have to wait until people apply to the role?

A: Yes and no. Consultants log their skills and you will see how many match your project requirements when you post a project. When you post a project you can see company, communities and global matches. The consultant then registers interest for the project.

Q: Company, community, global? What does that mean?

A: When you use the platform you can manage your own company resources as well as external resources. If a consultant is trusted and works with you on a regular basis you can build a community.  Everyone else goes into the global group. When you post a project, you have the option to post to the groups that you have created to reduce work in qualifying.

Company: all employees that you have on your books. These matches will be seen by you in your dashboard

Community: people you have invited to form part of your own community group and who are trusted to work with you

Global: New contact (somebody who might eventually form part of your community)

Q: How much does it cost to hire a candidate?

A: You do not pay per candidate, your subscription will allow you to manage number of employees, community group members and post a number of projects. Your package should be appropriate to your needs.

Q: Who pays the PAYE and tax?

A: All candidates found through Mododuo work for you, for a consulting company or are self employed.  They are not employed by Mododuo and are therefore responsible for paying their own tax in whichever form it takes.

Q: Can I continuously use the same candidate for projects?

A: Yes, however, the platform is designed to identify specific skills that are needed from time to time. You can invite an individual to your community to ensure that they are part of your search. It may be that a project is suitable for long-term engagement or that different consultants are needed at different times.

Q: Can I permanently hire a candidate found through Mododuo?

A: Yes. Consultants can indicate if they are looking for permanent work in their profile. You can match that with a project post. However, we are not designed to be a recruitment platform and only candidates who have indicated that they are available for permanent positions will be included in the search.

Q: How do I ensure the candidate is suitable, do you vet them?

A: We provide you with the platform to identify the candidates best suited to your project but do not vet them for you. Our matching platform works with you to identify trusted resources within your team and community before expanding to the global candidates. We advise that any global candidate who has not worked with you before be vetted as you would normally.

Q: Why don’t you have a star rating or scoring system?

A: We feel that subjective ratings can be misleading. However, we are creating a rating system that can be objective based on the following:

  1. Community membership – being invited and maintaining a community membership is a good guide to expertise and reliability.
  2. Completeness of profile – having a completed profile with supporting documents is very helpful for project managers.
  3. Successful feedback – we will offer project managers the opportunity to feedback on completed projects which can be added to overall rating.

Our rating system will be simple and transparent, it will be designed so you can build your reputation.

Q: What are company users?

A: The platform allows a company to manage their own resources as well as external resources. Since you may have multiple resource controllers in different locations, we provide administration tools that can grow your team and allow users to work on different or the same project as needed by you. Your administrator can control your resources and run reports for the team.

Q: What are company consultants?

A: Individuals who work for you can be uploaded (individually or via a spreadsheet) to the platform. This will allow you to manage them based on skills, geography and availability. You can also control any external requests that match their skills and complete more jobs with your partners or external companies.

Q: How do I build a community?

A: When you work with an individual or a company supplying consultants, you can invite them to your private community. If they accept, this will allow them to appear in your searches. When you create a project the platform will let you know how many community members match your criteria.

Q: If I have my own team, how do I stop recruiters or competitors poaching my staff?

A: Mododuo has several layers to help you work with your own team risk-free. Firstly, you can set the system to notify you of any suitable projects for your own staff (default). Secondly, you can set the visibility of individuals to be unavailable or invisible in searches (option). Thirdly, you can set all of your organisation members to be invisible to searching and only available for matching (option). When you match with a project you have the final say on registration and not the posting company. Of course, this works both ways so you can’t poach them either!

Q: What is the certification management?

A: When an individual has a profile, or a group within a company have profiles, they can register and upload certifications for product skills. The system will allow you to run reports of your company consultants to plan training, present skills and ensure that you keep up to date with certifications. This can help with vendor status, discounts and acceptance for jobs.

Q: How and when do I get charged?

A: We work on a subscription basis based on your planned use. You can add different services (projects, company users, community members) if you fall in-between options.

All of our options are available monthly or annually on subscription.