Frequently Asked Questions: Consultants

Q: What is Mododuo?

A: First and most importantly we are not an agency, we are an independent platform that connects companies to individuals in an open and fair way. We manage company teams across multiple skills and geographies to help internal sourcing. Individuals can work on their own or be part of a company team and employers are companies with projects.

Q: How does Mododuo work?

A: Check out our “videos” on the website

Q: What can Mododuo offer that’s different from job boards and agencies?

A: Mododuo is based around a balanced engagement. You or your company resourcing staff, can select the projects that are appropriate before a company can engage with you. Our matching process means that you only see jobs you are suitable for. Our privacy settings mean that you can control who views your details.

Q: What are the privacy settings?

A: As an individual, you can set your profile to ‘inactive’ or ‘invisible’ at any time. You only receive jobs that match your profile criteria and companies that post projects only see details that you share when you register for a job. All of your data is owned and updated by you. Companies can also take the same steps with their consultant workforce.

Q: Am I employed by Mododuo?

A: No, Mododuo is just a platform that enables you to connect and gain work with businesses. If you are a self- employed contractor, you must make arrangements to pay your own tax as a self-employed worker. Our ‘partners’ section will grow so that you can gain access support and guidance from trusted partners. These details can be found on your portal once you have signed up.

Q: Am I employed by the business for which I carry out work?

A: No, you are carrying out work for the business as a self-employed individual contractor or a contractor through your company.

Q: How does Mododuo make money, does it charge me fees?

A: No, Mododuo never charges individuals for using the platform nor do we take a percentage of your earnings. Mododuo charge a subscription fee to companies managing their team or managing their projects.

Q: Is Mododuo a gig economy platform that pretends people are self employed when they are employed?

A: No, each project you carry out will likely be for a different employer on an ad hoc basis. We describe each engagement as a short, medium and long-term so that they match your requirements. Some consultants will be self-employed and others representing their consulting companies.

Q: Does Mododuo guarantee I will find work through the platform?

A: Unfortunately not, as you will only be matched to projects that match your availability, skills and location. You can look at projects through the platform and decide which skills you can develop to match more projects.

Q: I haven`t got an up to date CV or the time to make one.

A: That’s fine, a profile does not need a CV. You can add details to your profile and also prove your skills by uploading certificates if appropriate. Of course, you can add a CV too when you have the time. Regardless of what you do upload, it can only be viewed on the platform and you are never sending a copy of your CV. That way it can be updated by you whenever you choose and project managers will only see the latest copy.

Q: Why don’t you have a star rating or scoring system?

A: We feel that subjective ratings can be misleading. However, we are creating a rating system that can be objective based on the following:

  1. Community membership – being invited and maintaining a community membership is a good guide to expertise and reliability.
  2. Completeness of profile – having a completed profile with supporting documents is very helpful for project managers

     3. Successful feedback – we will offer project managers the opportunity to feedback on completed projects which can be added to       overall rating.

Our rating system will be simple and transparent, it will be designed so you can build your reputation.

Q: What is a community search?

A: When you work for a company that you know or work with a company for the first time, they can invite you to join their community. This is usually a trusted group that they can contact and offer work to more easily. Companies will usually match with community contacts before expanding a search to all consultants.

Q: What is a global search?

A: A global search will match all consultants with the project details. When a company uses a global search match they will then qualify the consultant for the project. If the project is successful, they may then invite the consultant to join their community.

Q: What is the certification management feature?

A: When you build a profile you can add certificate details. This includes expiry dates if applicable. The system will remind you of expiring certificates so that you can manage training and re-certification. When working for a company, they can also receive reports to remind them to budget for training or re-certification on your behalf.

Q: What happens if I accept a project but my circumstances change?

A: We match you with your project. Once matched you should make and keep up to date with arrangements. You can update your circumstances through the messaging system on the platform.

Q: How and when do I get paid?

A: Our current platform allows you to make arrangements with the project management company. This allows us to ensure accurate matching.

Our roadmap, includes escrow payments so that a business pays upfront via account or debit card for your time. We hold these funds on your behalf until the booking has been completed and signed-off. Once the booking is complete we will transfer your fee. We are developing this because we believe you should get paid as soon a possible.